You are a warrior or a victim?!

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
Romans 12:2

Hey friends! How are you doing?

Today, I really want to share with you a few thoughts  about a subject that every one should be aware of,and also put in practice: The power of God’s word (or should I say God sword?!)

I started to read a great book called “Girls with swords”, by Lisa Bevere, wich brings up exactly this: How we can use the word of God to fight our battles ( and also to fight for others!)

Did you already stop to think that we are in midst of a EPIC WAR?

A war against everything we are created to be, a war against the true we carry inside and, most precisely, a war that is against the sons and daughters of God!

These last weeks, God talked to me a lot about MIND, and how we are attacked all the time through our thoughts!

I don’t know if you ever realized it but, your thoughts is what shapes your actions and your actions after a while becomes habits and, (bad) habits is all what is needed to takes us out of the right direction!

So, the first step, to change our ways to the right direction is to relearn how to think the right thoughts. How can we do this?

The answer is very simple, but it’s not easy: We need to know and practice the principles of God’s word, and trust in them no matter what!

I had to face a lot of struggles, to learn that God and His word is all I have after all, and that should be enough. Only time could prove that it, actually, was enough to change my history and I just needed to give steps of faith!

So, going back to the book, in chapter 1 the author ,Lisa Bevere tells us, women, a basic (and not surpring at all) but rough truth: We, women, are under attack!

I know that feminists thinks that the movement was the first to realize it(pause to laugh hahaha), but it is not true.

Since the beginning, God said that He would put enmity between the serpente(Satan) and the woman (Genesis 3:15).

So we should know that since the beginning, we are a target!

That said, it is about time to us, women( and all christians) learn how to defend ourselves against the powers in the spiritual realm of this world and also, to RECOGNIZE when we are being attacked by the enemy, cause he uses the natural and visible ways all the time to do it.

Think about wich are the ways that you are most of the times, attacked in your life,  things that hurt you the most. You problably can do a mental list of things or people that hurts you more frequently, am I right?

And if you could learn how to not be hurted or ofended by it? There are a few things you can do to protect youself!

First, you need to understant that EVERY ATTACK IS SPIRITUAL, no matter if it’s seems silly or too crazy to be true, it is!

So you don’t have to fight against the person or the group or whatever it is that is attacking you, you have to fight against the spiritual energy behind of it!

The bible says in Ephesians 6:10-12:

“Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms”

Every part of the armor has it’s own purpose and it’s important to understand every part of it, but let’s talk about the SWORD for now.

If you want to use this powerful weapon, you need, first of all, be familiarized with it! You need to go deep in it and fill your heart and mind with the Scriptures, every time you can!

It is not about memorize it, but to be inspired by the truth behind the words and trully believe, living by it!

Like Jesus done in the wilderness ( Matthew 4:1-11), we need to use the Word of God to unmask the lies and attacks of the enemy in our minds, cause he, definetely, will do it to us!

The truth will set us free( John 8:32), but it to work, we need to know what is true and how to use it to protect us and also to attack the enemy back, when we need it!

The enemy of our souls will attack our identity over and over again, untill we are so bounded by lies that we can’t do anything!

But it don’t have to happen! Cause if we work our thoughts, acts and habits, he are done!

I want to be very specific in those steps, so I will make this post in parts, to help you to arm yourself with this powerful weapon of God, then you can go through everything and stand firm untill the end!

For now, just remember it: your MIND IS THE REAL BATTLEFIELD, and if you are not in control of your thoghts, someone else is.

*This post is inspired by two books, actually: “Girls with sword” (Lisa Bevere) and “Outwitting the Devil”, by Napoleon Hill.

Being versatile through adversities!

Hello guys!

Today I am back with a invitation to participate of the “Versatile blog Award”!

The ideia is to share 7 random facts about me!

Thank you, Joy A. Mead to nominate me to this opportunity to go a little deeper about my experiences and share the grace of God over my life!

I hope you all enjoy it!

1 . I am a very shy person!

Yes! I have some difficulties to talk with people I don’t know or share something that God is telling me to say to random people!

This past year God definetely worked in this area of my life! I had to face my fear of expose myself to people I didn’t know! God asked me to pray for people on the streets, share my testimony in my church more than once and to be more involved with the body of Christ!

It was really a challenge for me but, thanks to the grace of God I am growing stronger and learning to face my fears, no matter what!

It was a really good lesson for me to just lose control, little by little, and let the Holy Spirit act through me!

2. I had to lose everything to (begin to) find out who I am!

The last year was problably one of the most difficult years for me!

When I surrendered my life to Jesus in 2017 I never imagined I would live such a wild (and hard) adventure! After 4 months as a new born woman I was giving up of all my security to follow God’s voice!

I gave up all that I knew. I had to move from my apartment and just give a step of faith, after I decided to join in a discipleship school!

I went through a really crazy journey! I didn’t know anything about how to have a relationship with God or trust completely in Him! I had to start from zero!

He made me to confront everything I thought I was and believed, and I had to face deep conflits with myself and people around me, at the other side of the world, in a country I never imagined I would visit some day, Nepal.

And after that, when I came back, I had to rebuild my life from nothing, trusting God in every step, decision and provision in my daily life. And I am still learning to not base who I am in what I do or have, but only in who HE SAY I AM!

3. I am a crazy perfectionist!

Yes, sad but true!

Last year was also the year to lose the need of control and the fear of making mistakes!

God had to teach me, in the hard way, to fail, shake the self-pity off and keep going!

I just hate to fail and, I think a lot before I take some decision, but with God I had to learn to act without rationalize everything, and fast! I had to do a lot of things that did not make any sense to me and also things I did not want to do!

And to be honest, I still resist in many times to let all the control on His hands. It’s not easy, friends!

I am learning, day by day, to trust completely in my Father and obey, even when what He asks me is too hard or makes no sense to me!

4. I always dreamed to play eletric guitar!

Yes, but I don’t! lol

I always thought it was too hard and that I did not have the gift to play!

The funny thing about it, is that God already made me some promises involving music and I have zero ability to play instruments or sing!

The good news is that He loves to do the impossible! Hahaha

Interesting fact about that: When I was on the bus going to that discipleship school in february of 2018, one of the staffs said to every student to stand up and make a bold and prophetic statement for the future! On my turn I said “I will play in a band and sing about Jesus!”.

After everyone were said something that we wanted to happen, another staff member said : “You guys will not believe in what just happend. Another bus just crossed ours and on it’s side was written “Making dreams come true”!

It was a really exciting moment! hahaha

So I am still waiting to see what happens! =)

5.My favorites ways to connect with God are music and nature!

So when God call me to join in that school for 3 months at a farm, to the lecture phase, I really enjoyed it!

Actually, when God revealed to me I was going to Nepal for the outreach, He showed it to me through a vision of a lot of silvered butterflies! (Nepal has more than 650 species of butterflies.)

Another interest thing is that God talks to me a lot through music, even through great “not-christian” songs!

6. Jesus was the one who encouraged me to write this blog!

I always loved to write! But the idea of expose my thoughts to the world were not confort at all to me! However, one day God just asked me to start a blog and share my experiences!

At the beginning, I wrote just for myself, I did not had the courage to spread the news to the people I know, about it!

Just after people around the world started to read it, that I really share the information with my friends in social media!

7. Unexpected call!

When I was in Nepal, me and my group had the opportunity to know a ministry that works inside the ‘dance clubs’ sharing the gospel with the girls who works in the night. I was pretty impressed and I loved that experience!

I never imagined that after a year, I would know another ministry, called Páginas Novas or “New Pages”, that works in the bigger center of prostitution in Latin America(a neighborhood called Itatinga), here in my city, and that I would be part of this.

God put me in contact with the leader of this house of prayer inside of this neighborhood, wich was projected exclusively for prostitution!

And now we have a prayer meeting every month to pray and fight for those girls and boys! Also, we are work there through evangelism and another projects for the girls.

Last month we offered a dinner for those girls (and boys)! Was a really special moment cause we had the opportunity to ministry to their hearts, share the love of Christ and have comunion with them, eating together like a family.

It’s really amazing what God is doing there! And it’s just the beginning.

Well, this is all for now friends! I hope my experiences help you somehow, to go deeper in the love of our Father and trust Him more and more, everyday.

Now I invite my bloggers friends to participate on this fun activity and share more about them!

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Identity and original design: What defines us?

Hey guys!

Today I want to share a reflection: What defines who we really are?

How many times we compare ourselves with people we see as a standard to be achieved or even as a rival?

We are living in hard times, times of competitive and comparative mindset. We are always seeeking for affirmation at social media or inside our group or family!

But what really defines who we are? External factors and experinces or values, principles and beliefs?

Identity and it’s affirmation are very important to us, right?

It is in the search of who we are that we experience new things, try to be part of something important or integrate a certain group of people, a specific “scene.”

We can seek a purpose, highlight or recognition, to receive the affirmation of who we are.

Some people bet everything in an attempt to gain the recognition and approval of people around, while others, frustrated with this perspective, seek to position themselves as if the opinion of the people around does not matter, adopting that attitude “I don’t care”, seeking,onthe other hand, only personal satisfaction.

Regardless of the position adopted, people around us, with whom we live or the ones who inspire us, influence our identity and this, in many times, turns out to be harmful over the years.

Some time ago, (on Netflix) watching a series called “Inside of criminal minds” I discovered that, through scientific observations, which aimed to analyze the profile of numerous serial killers, scientists came to the following conclusion: Most of them came from dysfunctional and abusive families with violent fathers figure, which have led to many traumatic experiences.

Moreover, the study shows the obsession with brutality in sexual intercourse came from abuses suffered in childhood.

I think this kind of observation is very relevant because, we often have no idea of how much the parents role and their authority can influence our adult lives in the most diverse areas, especially in future human interactions.

Rejection, exposure to difficult situations and traumas are reflected in the idea of who we are, shape our identity and worldview, leaving in us deep scars.

The very idea that we have of God and, paradigmas about life, are influenced by these experiences and figures of authority.

Based in my own personal experiences, I can say that I had always found some difficulty to develop a good relationship with my father at childhood.

He was an authoritarian and tough person, and this (along with other traumas I experienced) was reflected in my reactions to the experiences in adulthood.

I became a distrustful person, who could not express healthly my feelings, and this always disrupted my relationships, whether they were social, loving or professional.

What’s more, it made me have a wrong idea of who God is and it kept me distant from him for a long time.

We tend to compare God with our biological father: whether this was distant, cruel, or authoritarian (or the three things together) then we related these characteristics to the personality of the heavenly Father.

This is extremely prejudicial to our identity and spiritual health, since it is a misleading idea.

God created us to have an identity molded by His love and to be a reflection of His own character. But when we finally realize this, our identity is already marked by the sufferings and deceptions of our lives. And our mentality needs to be re-educated.

It is a slow and painful process to find the way back to our original design, which comes from a loving Father, who cares about every detail of our hapiness.

Since I have surrendered to this rediscovering of who I am in the eyes of God, I have been overwhelmed by his care and patience with my pains, worldview, and my own image.

He respects my time to assimilate His truths and dry all my tears, from the painful healings I have to go through. Always remembering me that, the final word comes from Him.

I keep walking towards my original design. It’s not easy, sometimes I feel discouraged and want to give up in the middle of the path.

I cry, I complain and I get angry; but after a while, I take a deep breath, get up and keep going.

I have faith that “He, that began the good work is faithful to finish it”.

Each day He reveals to me a new brand side of his love and a piece of his original design for me. And because of that, all I can do is trust Him and be grateful for what I already overcame!

” The Spirit you received does not make you slaves, so that you live in fear again; rather, the Spirit you received brought about your adoption to sonship. And by him we cry, “Abba,Father.” ‘” Romans 8:15


Quantas vezes nos comparamos com pessoas que consideramos um padrão a ser alcançado ou mesmo como um rival?

Vivemos tempos difíceis, tempos de mentalidade competitiva e comparativa.

Estamos sempre buscando afirmação nas mídias sociais ou dentro do nosso grupo ou família!

Mas o que realmente define quem somos? Fatores externos e experiências ou valores, princípios e crenças?

A identidade e a afirmação dela é algo muito imporetante para nós, certo? É na busca de quem somos que experimentamos coisas novas, tentamos fazer parte de algo importante ou de um determinado grupo de pessoas, de uma “cena” específica. Podemos buscar um propósito, destaque ou reconhecimento, para receber a afirmação de quem somos.

Algumas pessoas apostam tudo na tentativa de ganhar o reconhecimento e aprovação alheia, já outras, frustradas com essa perspectiva, buscam se posicionar como se a opinião das pessoas ao redor não importasse, adotando aquela postura do “to nem aí” e buscam somente a satisfação pessoal.

Independente do posicionamento adotado, as pessoas ao nosso redor, com a qual convivemos ou nos espelhamos, acabam moldando nossa identidade e isso, muitas vezes, se revela danoso ao longo dos anos. Assim como as experiências a que somos expostos ou que buscamos.

Hoje, (na Netflix) assistindo uma série sobre “mentes criminosas” descobri que, através de observações científicas, que visavam analisar o perfil de inúmeros serial killers, estudiosos chegaram a seguinte conclusão: a maioria deles vinham de famílias desestruturadas e abusivas, com figuras paternas disfuncionais, que acarretaram muitas experiências traumáticas. E que a obsessão pela brutalidade nas relações sexuais vinham de abusos sofridos na infância.

Achei isso muito relevante porque, muitas vezes não temos noção do quanto a figura do pai ou da mãe e sua autoridade podem influenciar nossa vida adulta nas mais diversas áreas,principalmente nas interações humanas. A rejeição, exposições a situações difíceis e traumas se refletem na idéia de quem somos, moldam nossa identidade e visão de mundo, deixando marcas profundas.

A própria ideia que temos de Deus e, questionamentos acerca da vida, são influenciados por essas experiências e figuras de autoridade.

Eu, particularmente, sempre tive dificuldade em me relacionar com meu pai. Ele é uma pessoa autoritária e de difícil comunicação e isso (juntamente com outros traumas vividos) se refletiu nas minhas reações às experiências da vida adulta.

Eu me tornei uma pessoa desconfiada, que não conseguia expressar ou expor sentimentos, e isso sempre atrapalhou meus relacionamentos, fossem eles sociais, amorosos ou profissionais. E mais, isso me fez ter uma ideia equivocada de quem Deus é e me afastou dele por muito tempo.

Temos a tendência de comparar Deus com o nosso pai terreno: se este foi distante, cruel ou autoritário ( ou as 3 coisas juntas) então relacionados essas características com a personalidade do Pai celestial.

Isso é extremamente prejudicial para nossa identidade e crescimento espiritual, já que é uma ideia enganosa.

Deus nos criou para termos uma identidade moldada pelo seu amor e que seja a reflexão do Seu próprio caráter. Mas quando finalmente nos damos conta disso, essa identidade já está marcada pelos sofrimentos e enganos dessa vida.

E a nossa mentalidade precisa passar por uma reeducação.

É um processo lento e doloroso achar o caminho de volta ao plano original, que vem de um Pai amoroso e que se preocupa com cada detalhe.

Desde que me rendi a essa caminhada de redescoberta de quem eu sou aos olhos de Deus, tenho sido surpreendida pelos seus cuidados e paciência com as minhas dores, visão de mundo e de mim mesma. Ele respeita o meu tempo para assimilar Suas verdades e colhe todas as minhas lágrimas, ao longo das curas pelas quais eu tenho que passar. Sempre me lembrando que, a palavra final sobre mim, vem Dele.

Eu continuo caminhando, rumo ao meu desenho original. Não é fácil, às vezes, eu desanimo e quero parar no meio do percurso; choro, reclamo e esperneio, depois respiro fundo, me levanto e continuo.

Eu tenho fé que “Aquele que começou a boa obra é fiel para terminá-la”. A cada dia Ele me revela uma nova faceta do seu amor e um pedaço desse desenho, e o que me resta é confiar, e agradecer.

“Pois vocês não receberam um espírito que os escravize para novamente temer, mas receberam o Espírito que os adota como filhos, por meio do qual clamamos: ´Aba, Pai`”.Romanos 8:15


“My choice”

Reposting this poem cause it´s really good! Enjoy it.

(This is the essence of life we chose =´)

“My Choice”

I want my breakfast served at eight,
With ham and eggs upon the plate;
A well-broiled steak I’ll eat at one,
And dine again when day is done.

I want an ultra modern home,
And in each room a telephone;
Soft carpets, too, upon the floors,
And pretty drapes to grace the doors.
A cozy place of lovely things,
Like easy chairs with innersprings,
And then I’ll get a small TV-
Of course, “I’m careful what I see.”

I want my wardrobe, too, to be
Of neatest, finest quality,
With latest style in suit and vest.
Why shouldn’t Christians have the best?

But then the Master I can hear,
In no uncertain voice, so clear,
“I bid you come and follow me,
The Lowly Man of Galilee.”

“Birds of the air have made their nest,
And foxes in their holes find rest;
But I offer you no bed;
No place have I to lay my head.”

In shame I hung my head and cried,
How could I spurn the Crucified?
Could I forget the way He went,
The sleepless nights in prayer He spent?

For forty days without a bite,
Alone He fasted day and night;
Despised, rejected-on He went,
And did not stop till veil He rent.

A man of sorrows and of grief,
No earthly friend to bring relief-
“Smitten of God,” the prophet said-
Mocked, beaten, bruised,

His blood ran red,
If He be God and died for me,
No sacrifice too great can be
For me, a mortal man, to make;
I’ll do it all for Jesus’ sake.

Yes, I will tread the path He trod,
No other way will please my God;
So, henceforth, this my choice shall be,
My choice for all eternity.

*Written by Bill McChesney- in Loren Cunningham’s book “Making Jesus Lord”

Rooted in God’s love: Paul’s recipe!

Hey friends! How are you doing?

Today I want to share with you this amazing “recipe” of apostle Paul, to keep walking in the Presence of the Lord and don’t lose heart!

I love this chapter! It starts with a Paul’s calling to us, the disciples of Christ, to live as a pleasant sacrifice at God’s sight!

It’s not a easy task, right? We need to go against all the patterns of this world, basing our mindset on the Word of God and not in a worldly point of view! But how can we do that?!

Paul gives us a great method in thoses verses, wich I started talking about. So let’s disccuss them carefully!

  • Never be lacking of zeal: We can define zeal as”a great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective“.Based on this definition we can say that keeping zealous is be vigilant in our spiritual goals, don’t letting the circunstances that surround us robe our energy and enthusiasm in God’s plans! But how?
  • Keeping our spiritual fervor: I think that is the key to be zealous all the time with God’s plans for us! If we seek our answers in God’s words, our peace in His Presence and our confort in His love, we will be able to walk through everything, without losing hope! But this is only possible when we don’t let our feeling get in the way!

This seems impossible sometimes, right? How many times we feel discourage even to open our bibles or pray? But like Paul says is the beginning of chapter 12, we are called to offer ouselves as a living sacrifice, based in a REASONABLE ACT OF WORSHIP!

That means we are not called to walk by how we feel or based in our “fallen human mindset”, we are called to walk by faith in the promises of God, based on His words!

So, even when we are feeling lost, discouraged and alone, we need to submit our flesh under the needs of our spirit! That means: PRAY, PRAISE and REST on God, even when our cirscunstances says “no”.

  • Serving the Lord!

Jesus says in Mathew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well”.

It is hard to put God’s interests and plans before ours, most of the time, I surely know that! Sometimes we think that we must have all figured out in our lives for then, do God’s will and serve others, right? But this is not what He expects from us.

Several times in my life, I was struggling with money issues, never having enough to pay my bills. However, even then, suddenly, I heard God saying: “Give the money you have for this or that person” and I remenber of thinking: “Really? I don’t have enough for myself and you want me to give away my money?” After some internal fight, I gave it anyway (most of the time…)

And that it’s we are called to do! You are broken inside, feeling hopeless? Confort your brothers anyway. You don’t feel you are ready to overcome completely some kind of struggle? Testify about what God have done in you life already, praising his amazing power and love, even if you are dealing with problens of the same nature again. (Our testimony is the spirit of prophecy)

Nobody told us it would be easy, friends!

  • Be joyful in hope!

Like I said, we are called to walk by faith, not by sight!

Psalm 12:6 says “The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times”.

That means all His promises will be FULFILLED, cause our Lord never lies! If you are needing some hope, you can always bring to your mind what He have promised to you, cause in the right time, you will get it!

The Lord says in Jeremiah 29:11( One of my favorites verses!)

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

  • Patience in affliction!

Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”(Romans 5:3-5)

These verses made it very clear that we are being called to be patient, cause it makes us aproved at God’s sight and makes us stronger to future challenges and achievements! God gives us all the ways to do it.

  • Faithful in PRAYER!

If Jesus, that was God in flesh, built a solid life of prayer, seeking God’s wisdom in the midle of the night, we must follow His example, knowing that we are weak and flawed.Without a big help from above, we can’t do anything!

One of the most POWERFUL things I have learned in my life is: PRAY THE WORD of God! This is his will revealed to us! There is no mistake in the bible, so if we want to pray the will of God to our lives, we definetely must pray using our bibles!
It will makes us grow in faith, wisdom and power from above to stand against the powers of darkness, in spiritual realms.

Ephesinas 6:17-18 says “Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.”

After you put in practice all these steps I truly believe that you will leave behind you a hopeless and weak journey! Those verses it’s a complete “spiritual meal”.

I hope it really helps you to grow in faith and walk in freedom!


Olá amigos! Como vocês estão?

Hoje,eu quero compartilhar com vocês esta incrível “receita” do apóstolo Paulo, para continuar andando na Presença do Senhor e não desanimar!

Eu amo este capítulo! Começa com um chamado de Paulo para nós, discípulos de Cristo, para vivermos como sacrifícios vivos e agradáveis aos olhos de Deus!

Não é uma tarefa fácil, certo? Precisamos ir contra todos os padrões deste mundo, baseando nossa mentalidade na Palavra de Deus e não no ponto de vista vigente! Mas como podemos fazer isso ?!

Paulo nos dá um ótimo método nesses versículos, sobre os quais eu comecei a falar. Então, vamos discuti-los com mais cuidado!

  • Nunca falte zelo( ou cuidado): Podemos definir zelo como “ uma grande energia ou entusiasmo na busca de uma causa ou objetivo “. Com base nessa definição, podemos dizer que manter zelo é estar vigilante em nossos objetivos espirituais, não deixando que as circunstâncias que nos cercam roubem nossa energia e entusiasmo nos planos de Deus! Mas como?
  • Mantendo nosso fervor espiritual: Eu acho que essa é a chave para sermos zelosos o tempo todo com os planos de Deus para nós!

Se buscarmos nossas respostas nas palavras de Deus, nossa paz em Sua Presença e nosso conforto em Seu amor, seremos capazes de enfrentar tudo, sem perder a esperança! Mas isso só é possível quando não deixamos nossos sentimentos atrapalhar!

Às vezes, parece impossível certo? Quantas vezes nos sentimos desencorajados a abrir nossas bíblias ou até mesmo orar? Mas, como Paulo diz no começo do capítulo 12, somos chamados a nos oferecer como sacrifícios vivos, baseado em um ATO RACIONAL DE ADORAÇÃO!

Isso significa que não somos chamados a andar pela maneira como nos sentimos ou baseados em nossa “mentalidade humana caída”, somos chamados a andar pela fé nas promessas de Deus, com base em Suas palavras!

Portanto, mesmo quando estamos perdidos, desencorajados e sozinhos, precisamos submeter nossa carne às necessidades de nosso espírito! Isso significa: orar, louvar e descansar em Deus, mesmo quando nossas circunstâncias dizem “não”.

  • Servindo ao Senhor!

Jesus diz em Mateus 6:33 “ Mas busque primeiro o reino de Deus e sua justiça, e todas essas coisas serão dadas a você também”.

É difícil colocar os interesses e planos de Deus á frente dos nossos, na maioria das vezes, e eu certamente sei disso! Às vezes, pensamos que temos que ter entendido tudo em nossas vidas primeiro, para depois fazer a vontade de Deus e servir aos outros, certo? Mas não é isso que Ele espera de nós.

Várias vezes na minha vida, eu estava lutando com problemas de dinheiro, por exemplo. Eu nunca tinha o suficiente para pagar minhas contas. Mesmo assim, de repente, ouvia Deus dizendo: “Dê o dinheiro que você tem para essa ou aquela pessoa” e lembro-me de pensar: “Sério? Eu não tenho o suficiente nem para mim e você quer que eu doe meu dinheiro?”. Depois de alguma briga interna comigo mesma, eu dava afinal (na maioria das vezes).

E é para isso que somos chamados! Você está quebrado por dentro, se sentindo sem esperança? Conforte seus irmãos mesmo assim. Você não sente que está pronto para superar completamente algum tipo de luta? Testifique sobre o que Deus já fez em sua vida, exaltando seu incrível poder e amor, mesmo que você esteja lidando com problemas da mesma natureza novamente. (Nosso testemunho é o espírito de profecia)

Ninguém nos disse que seria fácil, amigos!

  • Alegrem-se na ESPERANÇA!

Salmos 12:6 diz “As palavras do Senhor são puras, são como prata purificada num forno, sete vezes refinada.”

Isso significa que todas as Suas promessas serão cumpridas, porque nosso Senhor nunca mente! Se você está precisando de alguma esperança, sempre pode trazer à sua mente o que Ele prometeu a você, porque no tempo certo, você conseguirá!

O Senhor também diz em Jeremias 29:11 (Um dos meus versículos favoritos!)

Porque sou eu que conheço os planos que tenho para vocês”, diz o Senhor, “planos de fazê-los prosperar e não de lhes causar dano, planos de dar-lhes esperança e um futuro.”

  • Paciência em meio as aflições!

“Não só isso, mas também nos gloriamos nas tribulações, porque sabemos que a tribulação produz perseverança; a perseverança, um caráter aprovado; e o caráter aprovado, esperança.
E a esperança não nos decepciona, porque Deus derramou seu amor em nossos corações, por meio do Espírito Santo que ele nos concedeu.”
Romanos 5:3-5

Esses versículos deixaram bem claro que estamos sendo chamados a ser pacientes, porque isso nos torna aprovados à vista de Deus e nos fortalece para desafios e realizações futuras! Deus nos dá todas as maneiras de fazê-lo.

  • Fiéis na ORAÇÃO!

Se Jesus, que era Deus em carne, construiu uma sólida vida de oração, buscando a sabedoria de Deus no meio da noite, devemos seguir Seu exemplo, sabendo que somos fracos e imperfeitos. Sem uma grande ajuda do alto, não podemos fazer nada!

Uma das coisas mais poderosas que aprendi em minha vida é: ORAR A PALAVRA DE DEUS! Essa é a vontade dele revelada para nós! Não há erros na bíblia, por isso, se queremos orar a vontade de Deus em nossas vidas, definitivamente devemos orar usando a Palavra!
Isso nos faz crescer em fé, sabedoria e poder do alto para enfrentar os poderes das trevas, nos reinos espirituais.

Efésios 6: 17-18 diz: “Pegue o capacete da salvação e a espada do Espírito, que é a palavra de Deus. E ore no Espírito em todas as ocasiões com todos orações e pedidos. Com isso em mente, esteja alerta e sempre ore por todo o povo do Senhor .”

Depois de colocar em prática todos esses passos, eu realmente acredito que você deixará para trás uma jornada desesperada e fraca! Esses versos são uma “refeição espiritual” completa.

Espero que isso realmente ajude você a crescer na fé e andar em liberdade!

God’s will: good, perfect and pleasant ???

Hello friends!

We,brazilians, are living in a chaotic scenario these lasts years, a real fight of egos, disguised as politic ideology.

That made me begin to think about the will of God!

How often we ask it to be fulfilled, but wishing it would be same as ours?!

The Bible tells us that His will is good, perfect and pleasing, but sometimes it is not what it SEEMS to be.

God’s will generally does not match the setting and conditions we imagined would coincide, for it would be fulfilled.

I have already told here a little bit about my story, about how I started to guide myself by God’s will, how I ended up in a mission school and then I made one of the most incredible trips of my life! (and certainly the hardest!)

When I went to this school I had a very different image in my head about how it would be, I thought: well, I’m going to a place where everyone is seeking God, a Christian environment, a very different one from everything I know.

With this also came a paradigm: that in the “christian’s scene” people are “perfect” all the time: do not make mistakes, nor are they selfish.I’m not saying I was completely disappointed!

I surely found, a very friendly and favorable environment for God’s move, I learned things that I did not imagine would worked that way and I met many inspiring and incredible people.

But,since I came from a completely different scenario, where I used to have my own space (cause I lived by myself) and doing what I wanted, when I wanted it, I soon had to face a “coexistence shock”.

Some times, I was stressed because the people who shared the house with me (during the theoretical period on a farm) were not organized and focused on cleanliness as I was.

In another moment, they complained with me, because I listened to music out loud all the time, and I did not like it.

We were also charged to perform a daily task, which in my case was cleaning the students’ homes along with a group of girls. And on a number of occasions, I felt indignant because people did not do their jobs as they agreed and then I also started to question my task: why am I going to work hard if no one cares to do their part?

Anyway, in addition to these superficial issues I also went through serious conflicts during the trip (outreach) with my group.

Often, because the girls in my room did not respect the silence at bedtime and at other times because I was charged for not being helpful in something they thought I should be doing.

On another occasions, I rebelled against the attitude of my leadership, which for me, was tottaly different when it came to dealing with me, compared to the rest of the group.

The point is: human being is full of failures and contradictions, and sometimes it is difficult to prioritize empathy.

I definitely had a hard time putting myself in another person’s shoes in many different situations. And for me, at that moment, it was because nobody was putting theirs in my place either.

Why am I talking all this?

Because many times I questioned the will of God and I asked him:

“Really God? Why did you bring me here, to get through it? I thought it would be all wonderful and nice but the truth is I’m being slaughtered here!”

The truth, my dear friends, is that in most of the time, doing the will of God hurts! It hurts because takes us out of our comfort zone and confronts our ego!

The will of God turns our certainties and concepts upside down, it makes us swim against the flow!

For me, I can say that it was difficult because I spent years believing in lies: That the world was unjust and selfish and so I should act accordingly:” why bother with people who do not care about me?”

Or ” I’m alone on this boat! I need to fight for what I want!”

I always believed, that I should revolt against everything I did not agree with, that it was the way out for me, but the truth is: in a world where everyone is already discredited in the goodness and love of human beings, seeking only for self-realization, revolt in that way is just following the flow, it is not a revolt at all!

The kingdom of God is upside down! This is very tricky, because the word of God asks us not to conform to the standards of this world! In other words, revolt! ( Romans 12:2)

But the revolt of the citizens of the Kingdom of God has nothing to do with the pattern of revolt preached by the world!

And,this kind of thought,was what I had to fight against for a long time, because I was taught by all the ways to think exactly the opposite to how God wants us to think!

It’s not about a revolt that wins things by force or externalizing frustration!

The revolt of the children of God is against hatred and indifference!

Jesus told us that we would be recognized as His people by LOVE. (John 13:35- difficult task, right?)

Turning back to the beginning, analyzing this undermined scenario in which we walk, with a polarized and increasingly enraged nation, what is our role as citizens of the Kingdom?

Make moralistic speeches? Yelling for the right to arm ourselves to defend our family? Dump hate against those who defend their ideology?

It is true that as Christians, we must be very well positioned, according to the truth of the God’s words, revealed to us!

We should not accept everything that is happening with our arms crossed, as if it was not part of our daily life.

However, I think that God sometimes allows chaos, He lets things get really messed up, before a big intervention!

But no matter what happens, He has everything under control.( So we don’t need to go crazy lol)

Our role as Christians is not just exercise our rights as citizens of this world, but most important, to exercise our duties as citizens of the Kingdom.

Citizens who win hearts by announcing the good news, which say “Hey, don’t worry, your debt has already been paid, you are free!”

People who walks with their eyes fixed on Jesus and let him do things on His way!

But this way does not come with inflamed and enraged speeches. His ways will not always be the way we want!

In fact, it will usually be the hardest way (the path that teaches us to serve instead of being served), but it will draw more of us, teaching us to be resilient.(” If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, offer the other one”)

It is time to seek more the Kingdom of God and believe that all other things will be given to us!

It is hard to be humble sometimes, and recognize our flaws and pride, but God gives us GRACE to go through it!

May our zeal to proclaim the truth of Christ be so intense and even greater than the fervor with which we defend our political ideals or our point of view!

It’s time to wake up, the greatest harvest in history is about to happen! We are called to prophesy over a valley of dry bones and see it become an army!(to read :Ezekiel 37)


Vontade deDeus: Boa,perfeita e agradável?

(Romanos 12:2)

Em meio a esse cenário caótico, que estamos vivendo no Brasil, em uma verdadeira briga de egos, disfarçados de ideologia política, eu comecei a refletir sobre a vontade de Deus!

Como, às vezes, pedimos que ela se cumpra, mas esperanfo que ela seja a mesma que a nossa!

A bíblia nos diz que Sua vontade( a de Deus) é boa perfeita e agradável, mas às vezes, NÃO é isso que PARECE.

A vontade de Deus geralmente, não coincide com o cenário e as condições que nós imaginávamos que coincidiria, para que ela se cumpra.

Eu já contei aqui um pouco da minha história, sobre como eu comecei a me guiar pela vontade de Deus, como fui parar numa escola de missões e fiz então uma das viagens mais incríveis da minha vida! (e com certeza a mais difícil!).

Quando eu fui pra essa escola eu tinha uma imagem bem diferente na minha cabeça sobre como seria, eu pensava: bom, eu vou pra um lugar onde todos estão buscando a vontade Deus, um ambiente cristão e muito diferente de tudo que eu conheço.

Com isso também veio um paradigma: de que no meio cristão as pessoas são “perfeitas”o tempo todo, que não cometem equívocos, nem são egoístas.

Não estou querendo dizer que me decepcionei completamente! Eu encontrei sim, um ambiente muito amigável e favorável ao mover de Deus, eu aprendi coisas que eu não imaginava que funcionavam daquela forma e conheci sim, muitas pessoas inspiradoras e incríveis.

Mas como eu vinha de um cenário completamente diferente, onde eu estava acostumada a ter meu espaço (eu morava sozinha) e fazer o que queria, quando eu queria, porque a casa era minha, logo eu tive um “choque de convivência”.

Em alguns momentos eu me estressei porque as pessoas que dividiam a casa comigo(durante o período teórico, que ocorreu numa fazenda) não eram tão organizadas e focadas em limpeza quanto eu.

Em outros momentos, reclamavam porque eu ouvia música alta o tempo todo, e eu não gostei da crítica.Nós também éramos cobrados a realizar uma tarefa diária, que no meu caso, era a limpeza das casas dos alunos, juntamente com um grupo de meninas.

E em várias ocasiões, eu me senti indignada porque as pessoas não desenvolviam suas tarefas conforme o combinado e então, eu também passei a questionar minha tarefa: porque eu vou ficar me matando se ninguém se importa em cumprir sua parte?

Enfim, além dessas questões superficiais eu também passei por conflitos muitos durante a viagem prática, com o meu grupo.

Muitas vezes porque as garotas do meu quarto não respeitavam o silêncio na hora de dormir e em outros momentos porque eu era cobrada por não estar ajudando em algo que elas achavam que eu devia estar fazendo.

Em outras ocasiões, eu me revoltei com a postura da minha liderança, que pra mim era diferente quando se tratava de lidar comigo, em relação ao resto do grupo.

O ponto é: o ser humano é cheio de falhas e contradições, e por vezes é difícil priorizar a empatia.

Eu mesma tive muita dificuldade em me colocar no lugar do outro em diversas situações, e pra mim,naquele momento, era porque ninguém estava se colocando no meu também.

Por que eu estou falando tudo isso? Porque muitas vezes eu questionei a vontade de Deus! Eu perguntava: “sério Deus? Por que você me trouxe aqui, pra passar por isso? Eu pensei que seria tudo lindo e harmonioso, mas a verdade é que to sendo massacrada aqui!”

A verdade, meus queridos, é que na maioria das vezes, fazer a vontade de Deus dói! Dói porque nos tira da nossa zona de conforto e confronta o nosso ego!

A vontade de Deus vira as nossas certezas e conceitos de cabeça pra baixo, ela nos faz nadar contra a correnteza!

Por mim, eu posso dizer que foi difícil porque eu passei anos acreditando em mentiras: que o mundo era injusto e egoísta e por isso eu deveria agir de acordo, por que me preocupar com pessoas que não estão nem aí pra mim?

Eu to sozinha nesse barco! Eu tenho que brigar pelo que eu quero!

Eu sempre acreditei que, se revoltar contra tudo que eu não concordava era a saída pra mim, mas a verdade é que, num mundo em que todos já estão desacreditados na bondade e na empatia dos seres humanos, e estão buscando somente a própria realização, o “se revoltar” é, na verdade, só seguir o fluxo, não é uma revolta!

O reino de Deus é de ponta cabeça! Isso é muito louco, porque a palavra de Deus nos pede para não nos conformar com os padrões deste mundo! Ou seja, revolte-se!

Mas a revolta dos cidadãos do Reino de Deus não tem nada a ver com o padrão de revolta pregado pelo mundo! E foi com esse pensamento que eu tive que lutar por muito tempo, porque eu fui ensinada de todos os lados a pensar exatamente de forma contrária a como Deus deseja que pensemos!

A palavra não fala sobre uma revolta que ganha as coisas pela força ou pela frustração extravasada!

A revolta dos filhos de Deus é contra o ódio e a indiferença e Jesus nos disse que seríamos reconhecidos como seu povo pelo AMOR. (João 13:35- tarefa difícil né?)

E, voltando ao início, analisando esse cenário minado em que caminhamos, com uma nação polarizada e cada vez mais enraivecida, qual é o nosso papel como cidadãos do Reino?

Fazer discursos moralistas ou gritar pelo direito de se armar para defender nossa família?

Despejar ódio contra os que defendem sua ideologia?

É verdade que, como cristãos devemos estar muito bem posicionados de acordo com a verdade que a Palavra nos revela, não devemos aceitar tudo que está acontecendo de braços cruzados, como se isso não fizesse parte do nosso cotidiano.

Mas o que eu penso é que, Deus, às vezes, permite o caos. Ele permite que as coisas fiquem realmente ruins antes de intervir. Mas não importa o que aconteça, Ele tem tudo sob controle.( Logo, não precisamos enlouquecer! rs)

Nosso papel como cristãos é exercer sim, nossos direitos como cidadãos nesse mundo, mas acima de tudo, exercermos nossa função como cidadãos do Reino.

Cidadãos que ganham corações pelo anúncio das boas-novas, que dizem “ei, não se preocupe, sua dívida já foi paga, você é livre!”, que caminham com os olhos fixos em Jesus e deixa que ele faça as coisas à Sua maneira!

Só que essa maneira não vem com discursos inflamados, cheios de raiva.

E nem sempre vai ser pelo caminho que desejamos, pelo contrário, geralmente vai ser pelo percurso mais difícil ( o caminho que nos ensina a servir ao invés de ser servido), mas que vai extrair mais de nós, nos ensinar mais.( “Ofereça a outra face!”)

É tempo de buscarmos mais o Reino de Deus e acreditar que todas as outras coisas nos serão acrescentadas!

É difícil ser humilde às vezes, reconhecendo nossas falhas e o orgulho. Mas o Senhor nos concede graça pra enfrentar todos os momentos!

Que o nosso fervor pra anunciar a verdade de Cristo seja tão intenso e até maior do que o fervor com o qual defendemos nossos ideais políticos e nosso ponto de vista!

É tempo de despertar, a maior colheita da história está pra acontecer! Somos chamados para profetizar sobre um vale de ossos secos e vê-lo se transformar num exército! (Ezequiel 37)

Pra ler ouvindo: “Guerra-Os Arrais” =)*************************************************************************************

Dealing with anxiety: some practical tips!

Hey friends! How are you doing? I hope you are all doing great!

Today I wanna talk about this “evil” of modern life wich can attack anyone of us: anxiety!

Once upon a time there was a girl who believed she were not anxious at all! haha me!

Yes, untill I found that every time I was trying to understand and predict everything that would happen in my life I was being pretty anxious! lol

In my walk through faith, learning who is God and how He works, I found out that I couldn’t always understand why and how things would happens in my life!

It’s part of our spiritual growth to trust that even when our natural cirscunstances scream out that something will not happen or it’s literally IMPOSSIBLE ,even then, we need to rest!

Cause we are called to walk by faith, not by sight!

So, what I ‘ve learned since I acepted the invitation of God to walk with Him and through him is: I can’t figure out how He will do things, but I need to keep going anyway!

That’s why we need to look at the bible, asking: what we can do to manage the feeling of anxiety and do not collapse in our daily life?!

Philippians 4:4-7 says:

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. 6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to GodAnd the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus”

Now, we have some answers, right?!

First: Rejoice in the Lord! I think that when we realize where He got us from and what He have done in our lives, we have plenty reasons to be thankful and rejoice!

So, everytime you felt anxious about something, doubting that God will handle it, just bring to your mind what He already done for you! Every time that he stretched out His hands to hold you and protect you in every trouble and hard situations! Cause He will do it again and again and again!

Be glad and PRAISE Him, cause He is faithful!

Second: Pray!

but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God

God knows exactly what we need before we ask to Him! However, He expects that we pray and ask Him anyway, cause He created us for a close father/son relationship!

He loves to hear our voice and He is always available to confort us through our sufferings! So, open your heart and be honest with Him, about what you need!

Third: “With THANKSGIVING, present your requests…”

I want to reforce this point here! God loves to help us in any situation, but He also expects a humble and grateful attitude from us!

The Lord has done it this very day;
    let us rejoice today and be glad.
” Psalm 118:24

The gratitute opens the heavens for us and change our way to think! On the other hand, pessismism and complaint will makes us bitter and distant of God’s will for our lives!

When we give thanks for our victories, it makes us more confident and stronger, to fight our battles along the way. Cause we are practicing the mind of Christ!

And finally: What makes wich step possible to break free from anxiety is a constant and close relationship with God!

Don’t let this crazy world get you out of where you should be everyday: At His feet! He is the only one who understands you completely, more than yourself and, who knows exactly what your life needs!

Keep God at the center of every subject of your life, and watch Him GUIDE YOU THROUGH EVERYTHING, with no burdens to carry!

This is the PEACE that goes beyond any understanding, wich the bible talks about and we can surely have it!

Beyond all that, you can always take more time to take care of you and rest!

Take a time to practice some hobby, read a book, drink a coffe with a good friend!

Enjoy the simple things in life, this is also a great wy to PRAISE the Lord for the life He gave to you!

E aí amigos! Como vai você? Espero que vocês estejam indo muito bem!

Hoje eu quero falar sobre esse “mal” da vida moderna que pode atacar qualquer um de nós: ansiedade!

Era uma vez uma garota que acreditava que não estava nem um pouco ansiosa! haha, eu!

Sim, até eu descobrir que, cada vez que eu tentava entender e prever tudo o que aconteceria na minha vida, estava ficando ansiosa! rs

Na minha caminhada pela fé, aprendendo quem é Deus e como Ele trabalha, descobri que nem sempre eu poderia entender por que e como as coisas acontecem na vida!

Faz parte do nosso crescimento espiritual confiar que, mesmo quando nossas circunstâncias naturais gritam que algo não vai acontecer ou é literalmente IMPOSSÍVEL, mesmo assim, precisamos descansar!

Porque somos chamados a andar pela fé, não pela vista!

Então, o que aprendi desde que aceitei o convite de Deus para andar com Ele e através dele é: Não consigo descobrir como Ele fará as coisas, mas preciso continuar assim mesmo!

Com base na Bíblia, o que podemos fazer para controlar o sentimento de ansiedade e não entrar em colapso em nossa vida diária?

Filipenses 4: 4-7 diz: “ Alegrai-vos sempre no Senhor . Eu direi novamente: alegrem-se! 5 Deixe a sua gentileza ser evidente para todos. O Senhor está próximo. 6 Não fique preocupado com nada, , mas em todas as situações, por oração e petição, com agradecimento , apresente seus pedidos a Deus . 7 E a paz de Deus, que transcende todo entendimento, guardará seus corações e mentes em Cristo Jesus “

Primeiro: Alegrai-vos no Senhor! Penso que, quando percebemos de onde Ele nos tirou e o que Ele fez em nossas vidas, temos muitos motivos para agradecer e nos alegrar!

Então, toda vez que você se sentir ansioso com alguma coisa, duvidando que Deus lidará com isso, basta trazer à sua mente o que Ele já fez por você! Lembre-se de todas as vezes que ele estendeu as mãos para segurá-lo e protegê-lo em problemas e situações difíceis!

Porque Ele fará isso de novo e de novo e de novo! Então, ALEGRE-SE e louve-o, porque Ele é fiel!

Segundo: Ore!

” mas em todas as situações, por oração e petição, com ação de graças, apresente seus pedidos a Deus ” Deus sabe exatamente o que precisamos antes de pedirmos a Ele! No entanto, ele espera que oremos e peçamos a Ele, porque Ele nos criou para um relacionamento íntimo de pai / filho!

Ele adora ouvir a nossa voz e está sempre disponível para nos confortar durante os nossos sofrimentos! Então, abra seu coração e seja honesto sobre o que você precisa!

Terceiro: “Com AGRADECIMENTO, apresente seus pedidos …” Quero reforçar esse ponto aqui! Deus gosta de nos ajudar em qualquer situação, mas também espera de nós uma atitude humilde e agradecida!

” O Senhor fez isso neste mesmo dia;
vamos nos alegrar hoje e nos alegrar. ” Salmo 118: 24

A gratidão abre os céus para nós e muda nossa maneira de pensar! Por outro lado, o pessimismo e a reclamação nos tornam amargos e distantes da vontade de Deus para nossas vidas!

Quando damos graças por nossas vitórias, isso nos torna mais confiantes e mais fortes,para travarmos nossas batalhas pelo caminho. Porque estamos praticando a mente de Cristo!

E finalmente: o que torna possível cada etapa anterior, para se libertar da ansiedade, é um relacionamento constante e próximo com Deus!

Não deixe esse mundo louco te tirar de onde deveria estar todos os dias: Aos pés dele!

Ele é o único que entende você completamente, mais do que você e que sabe exatamente o que sua vida precisa! Mantenha Deus no centro de todos os assuntos da sua vida e observe-O guiar você por tudo, sem encargos para carregar!

Além de tudo isso, você sempre pode dedicar mais tempo para cuidar de você!

Reserve um tempo para praticar algum hobby, ler um livro, tomar um café com um bom amigo!

Aprecie as coisas simples da vida, este também é um ótimo jeito de louvar ao Senhor pela vida que Ele te deu!